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Doors of any house are extremely important with the point of view of security, air and light circulation, robustness, and the look of your house. It is highly important that you not only choose the right doors that match your rooms and your style, but that you also have it installed correctly so that there are no problems with leakage or the stability of your house or property. The proper and professional installation of doors is as important as properly manufacturing a good door. A well manufactured and extremely well-fabricated door shall not be of much use if the installation is sloppy. Most of the service problems associated with doors happen because of the poor-quality installation of doors. Hence, you must choose a professional and experienced door installer.

Miriam Projects Pty Ltd is one of the best companies for door installations in Sylvania with over 15 years of experience in this industry. We not only fabricate high-quality doors and accessories but also install the door, thereby becoming a one-stop service provider to you. We understand that a well-installed door helps improve the life of a house and hence we strive to install doors in the right way. Combining the right engineering techniques and our customers’ preferences.

Some of the benefits that Miriam Projects Pty Ltd brings to you when you hire us for door installation are:

  1. One-stop solution –
We are not solely a door installation and replacement company only. We also manufacture and fabricate all types of doors using high-quality aluminium thereby offering a one-stop solution to you for doors. We ensure that all the doors installed by us meet all the right performance standards. We not only install doors, but we also help you with the installation of door frames. So that there is no gap between the door frame and doors preventing air, light, and water moving through the frames. Along with the aluminium frame, we also install glass fittings and other accessories that keep the door together with the frame.

  1. Experience of installing all types of doors –
We are experts in installing all types of aluminium doors, right from a partition door to a front door or doors for compound walls. We have the experience of door installation services in Sylvania for residential and commercial properties alike.

  1. Professional Installation –
During door installation, we take care that the work is done in an extremely thorough manner and work is done comprehensively. Our well-trained staff has a knack for doing high-quality work. We ensure the following things during the installation of aluminium doors:

a. Smooth and safe operation – Post installation of a door, you shall get a smoothly functioning door that is safe to use.

b. Sealings – We ensure that the right kind of seals is used to keep the door and glass in place, thereby preventing the possibility of leakages. We stress using high-quality seals and sealants during the installation process to enhance the life of the doors.

c. Effective barrier – We make sure that the aluminium doors we install an effective barrier between rooms so that there are no air leaks and limited energy losses to protect your home or office from heat and cold.

d. Less visible frames – We try to enhance the looks of your property by installing slim doors that require very small frames. This helps the house look modern and stylish.

We not only specialise in fabricating and installing new aluminium doors. Our team is equally competent in repairing doors using modern solutions. No matter how old the door is, we come up with ways to prolong the life of the door by installing the right parts at the right place. We understand that in case of breakdowns, you need faster service and strive to do so. Our servicemen are available all-round the year and can reach your place quickly once you give us a call.

Call us now in case you want to install any kind of aluminium sliding doors. Our specialised and experienced door installation team in Sylvania shall ensure you get a quality installation job done quickly and effectively.

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