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Miriam Projects PTY LTD is a renowned and prestigious company in Merrylands, Australia. The specialisation of our company is in manufacturing and installating various kinds of doors all over the country at a very affordable price. We are active in this job over a decade and have gained the trust and confidence from our esteemed customers. We produce aluminium and glass material based doors such as Security Doors, Bi-fold Doors, Sliding Doors, French Doors, Door Frames and many other variations. Our company provides the best quality in different styles of doors which are perfectly suitable for all domestic and commercial purposes.

Range Of Door Types Offered In Merrylands:

From traditional to modern style, all types of doors are manufactured and installed by our company as per the requirement of our customer. The types of products are:

  • French Doors:
  To make your home more precious enhance its beauty and market value through a stylish French door installation for your home or business. The French door is a great change for a dull old room, to flood it with natural brightness and light.

  • Sliding Doors:
  Aluminium and glass sliding doors are a very common favourite to individual house owners and architects in Merrylands. Every year our team installs a large number of sliding doors at the entrances of commercial places and public transport systems. Energise the interiors of your room with environmental freshness with a sliding door. Fit it into your terrace, kitchen or bathroom shower. Our experts will help you decide the number of sliding door shutters, depending on its opening functionality.

  • Security Doors:
  We are always concerned about protecting your valuable possessions from burglaries. For that reason, our company manufactures supreme quality hard and solid security doors crusted with aluminium mesh filled frames. These doors have double or triple-locked capability for your and your home’s safety.

  • Bi-fold Doors:
  To decorate your interior with a stunning look, our company provides the unique style bi-fold doors which are fully sound protective and weatherproof. As a boundary between two closest rooms, your garden or as a wardrobe shutter, a bi-fold door makes a great option. The door is also useful in a busy entrance doorway.

Installation Service In Merrylands:

We provide the best door installation service in Merrylands. We always focus on our customers’ basic needs and requirements.

  • We always provide well-trained and well-experienced technicians for door installations. Even for any kind of replacement you require, our experts will be happy to give their best services.
  • You would never have to face the automatic door open-close problem as our experts’ measurement technique is always accurate and perfect.
  • Our professionals are highly conscious during the time of service. They always follow the latest skills and technology at the time of installation.
  • If required, we also provide superior quality locks, handles, knobs, plates, hinges, frame, strikers etc.

Reasons For Choosing Us:

  • Miriam Projects have been upholding customers with the best quality and long-lasting efficacy of products and budget-friendly & profitable services for years.
  • Our team is dedicated to select a right and suitable door for you to renovate your home, enhancing its style and comfortability.
  • The speciality of our service is that we always do the job within the stipulated time frame and it is always trouble-free and eco-friendly.
  • The material quality of our product is fully warranted.
So, please connect with us immediately and schedule a visit to our showroom to inspire what you may want with our fashionable doors. We will be here to help you out from any confusion related to the new door installations or our door replacement services in Merrylands. We are offering a free consultation to our much-valued clients, contact us today and book your appointment today!!

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