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Miriam Projects: One Name For Door Installation Services In Kellyville

Miriam Projects PTY LTD is an Australian door manufacturing and installation company widely known for its best and creative quality of work in Kellyville and across the country. We promote different types of doors like Sliding Doors, French Doors, Security Doors, Bi-fold Doors, Entry Doors, and Stacker Doors at a very competitive budget. After installing our supreme glass and aluminium doors in your home, you will be gratified with the finest design of products as well as our co-operative and trouble-free services.

Varieties Of Door Available In Kellyville:

Doors are the basic fixture at every home and commercial place, without which no construction can be settled. At present, doors are made in various types and styles with their own numerous specialised benefits. At our workshop in Kellyville, we feature different varieties of doors as follows:

  • Security Door:
In case of a security door our experts will suggest installing rock-hard and sturdy aluminium security doors instead of a flimsy structure as a safeguard for your valuable property. Our company provides multifunctional security doors with a double or triple-locked facility and the door frames are covered with the best quality stainless steel or aluminium mesh for our customers’ ultimate protection.

  • Sliding Door:
To welcome your guests with an attention-grabbing appearance at your home, resort or any other commercial premises. Our company offers the finest quality aluminium and glass sliding doors. You can also decorate the balcony, kitchen and bathroom with our utmost quality glass sliding doors to refresh the interior with natural light and garden-fresh air. We also manufacture several numbers of sliding shutters in sliding doors for the public transport system as per your demand.

  • French Door:
French Doors are the best choice to renovate boring interiors with an artistic and theatrical look. Our company offers trendy and unique designs of French doors with top quality glass appropriate for indoor and outdoor places. According to a survey around property sales, a French Door installed in a house will always enhance its value and catch the attention of buyers in the coming days.

  • Bi-fold Door:
As per customers’ demand, our company manufactures a large number of bi-fold doors in Kellyville. For interior beautification, if not installed, bi-fold doors would be sorely missed. This type of doors works as a sound guard between inner and outer sites of the house, for busy entryways and as a popular door choice for large wardrobes. The weatherproof glass of the door panel is of standard quality and require the least space to fit and minimum care for their maintenance.

  • Stacker Door:
Stacker door is a three-panel sliding door, one panel is fixed, and the other two panels are movable. Our branded aluminium stacker doors are suitable for home as well as for outside atmosphere as the doors are much able to control the outside temperature and the bugs to protect the inside environment.

Our Door Installation Process:

Door installation and replacing processes is not easy work for any untrained personnel. To save your precious time and hard-earned money, you must hire an installation expert. Our company is providing top-skilled professionals in Kellyville.

  • As per the home pattern and space dimensions, our experts will help you select the exact style of door that will beautify your home.
  • Our team uses all types of the latest tools and equipment, following the proper methodology throughout the door installation.
  • All safety and quality procedures dually adhere to all the standards by our highly skilled and experienced technicians.
  • For a safe and secure home, our experts always use the best quality locks, handles, knobs, strikers, frames and all necessary items at the time of the door installation.

Why Choose Our Product & Service?

  • Miriam Projects PTY LTD is a leading company with 15 years of comprehensive experience.
  • Our main motto is to achieve our customers’ trust and satisfaction by offering them an easy pocket-friendly and time-bound service from supply to door installation.
  • We also give a warranty on the quality and longevity of the product.
Let’s have a look into the array of product. You’re sure to find something truly special. Please feel free to contact us for any queries you may have!

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