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Door Installation Services To Make Your Home A Safe Haven

What can make your house more attractive? Yes, you thought right it's the entrance door of your home or any premise.  The door enhances and exaggerates the beauty appeal of your home. Maybe your door is old but functioning alright and doesn’t need any modification. But now, it is time to add some more elegance to your property. We at Miriam Projects Pty Ltd offer high-quality and durable door installation services in Coogee.

Why Choose Miriam Projects For Door Installation?

We know you are looking for a professional and expert door installation company in Coogee. Miriam Projects Pty Ltd is your one-stop destination for best and efficient door installation services. Our capable and experienced team can provide a wide range of door installation solutions such as aluminium doors and automatic door installation. All our products are manufactured in-house which assure you of the premium quality. We provide door installation services for all kinds of doors, which ensures the complete transformation of the space while boosting your safety.

What Are Automatic Doors?

In our fast pace of life, we need everything to be quick and efficient. This has given rise to the idea and the invention of automatic doors.

An automatic door, or also known as the auto door, is self-operational. In other words, it opens automatically sensing the motion of a person. It doesn’t require any manual support to operate effectively. The demand for heavy-duty automatic doors is increasing each day. Automatic swing doors provide touchless functionality. This makes them more popular in hospitals, airports, and hotels.

How Does An Automatic Door Work?

Automatic doors use sensors to open and close. The automatic doors work on either of the two mechanisms:

  • Infrared sensors: Infrared sensors are capable of detecting the change in temperature. So when they experience a warmer temperature they open or close, detecting the temperature of humans.
  • Motion sensors: Motion sensors are sensors that can detect the motion of an object around them. So, when they sense motion, they open or close accordingly.
When we step on the mat in front of the door, the sensor sends signals to the door to open or close accordingly. An automatic door can remain in a fully open condition for 5 seconds, and when push-pull activation is used it remains open for 3 seconds.

Our Service Assistance:

  • Highly efficient and hardworking staff: Our experienced door installer team, work hard to give you complete satisfaction. Our staff never compromise on the necessary safety measures and precautions to give you a magnificent experience.
  • Safety and Precautions: The door installation team at Miriam Projects Pty Ltd have the requisite expertise in the safe door installation ensuring zero damage to your property or the product. This makes our clients more reliable and builds trust.
  • Value for money service: We ensure that we offer you the most reasonable and affordable door installation services in Coogee with high quality and durable products and services.
  • Bookings and orders: We have made our services at Miriam Projects Pty Ltd accessible 24/7 for our customers. We can take all orders through a call as well as our website.
  • Streamlined Services: Time is money, and our team never likes to waste both time and money on our clients. We provide door installation services which ensure the time efficiency of our trusted and loyal customers. We make sure our patrons receive their service in a given time without any delay or decrease in the quality of our services.
  • Guidance and Support: Our expert staff is always there to guide you throughout your journey with our services and ensure you have the best of it.
  • Quality over quantity: We take complete responsibility to give you the best quality doors as well the accessories that come along, such as knobs, hinges, screws, etc. We buy all our products from licensed and trusted dealers to ensure you have the best experience.
A new door will add elegance to your place and will ensure a good view of your place to your visitors. So why wait? Reach us and get your home a new and intensified look with us at Miriam Projects Pty Ltd for the best and premium Door Installation Services in Coogee.

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