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Premium Door Installation Company In Canterbury: Miriam Projects Pty Ltd

Do you want to give your workplace or home an attractive look? We know you want your residence to stand out among your neighbours, but what to do?

Did you know that you can accelerate your curb side appeal with your choice of door?

Miriam Projects Pty Ltd is here to answer all your questions and guide you in this endeavour. If you wish to modify the overall apparel of your place, try focusing on the door. As it’s the prime focal point of your place, it has a great effect on your home’s appearances.

The Leading Door Installation Company in Canterbury

We at Miriam Projects Pty Ltd provide prominently leading door installation services in Canterbury. We deal with all kinds of doors and windows installation services. We have been working effortlessly in this industry for the past 15 years to provide you with efficient door installation services. We are pleased to upgrade our working methods, and technologies with regard to time and new inventions. We have been successful in proving excellence in our work. Thus, in turn, we gain 100℅ customer satisfaction.

With us, high-quality impact, certified custom doors in a wide range of solid wood, aluminium, and glass are made available to you at a modest cost.

Ever Heard About French Door?

As the name suggests, the French Door has received this name as it originated in France.

The French began assimilating glass into more fields of their dwellings because of the Renaissance. This consisted of doors as well as windows.

  • French doors gained popularity in 17th century France. The symmetrical pattern is one of the factors that elucidated Renaissance, which tells us about French Doors.
  • The French doors are chiefly large, two-sided opening, glass windows that are very popular globally by the name French Doors.
  • The French doors are always double, but not every double door are French doors. The real French door comprises glass panes from top to bottom, in many rectangles.

Difference Between French Doors And Patio Doors

French and patio doors, both have glass assemblies. Then what is the difference between them?

  • The main difference in the French door and the patio door is in how they open. French doors are pulled or pushed open, while patio doors slide.
  • French doors have two opposite sided doors which open outwards on a hinge. French doors reflect the time of the Renaissance, and thus, are premeditated to have a historical touch to them. French doors favoured for residences to give them an artistically European look.
  • Patio doors slide along the track and open sideways. Patio doors are considered modernised and thus, are more popular in corporate architecture.

Our Main Objective:

We at Miriam Projects Pty Ltd wish to flourish you with the best of our services and products at an efficient cost of time, money, and resources. We are proud to serve you with all our extraordinary facilities.

  1. Durability: All our products have been certified and tested with regard to its strength and durability. This ensures the safety of products even in diverse climatic conditions. We provide our customers with a certification of guarantee of the door installation service, for your peace of mind.
  2. Expert and Certified Installers: We have a professional and certified staff for door installation services. All our team members are highly experienced to ensure quality and timely service.
  3. Discounts and Maintenance services: All the services at Miriam Projects Pty Ltd are provided with a guarantee and warranty certifications. New door installation comes with an average of 10 years of warranty. They may vary for different doors. We provide free maintenance service to all our customers for 1 year from the day of buying the product or service.
  4. Quality of the service: We aspire to become the best door installation company In Canterbury. Our team is completely dedicated to their respective work. We constantly modify our working systems to serve you excellent service.
  5. Availability: Our professionals, in different sections, are always accessible for any service. We are more than happy to guide you through your expedition with Miriam Projects Pty Ltd.
So you are now looking to hire us to avail of our door installation service in Canterbury? Then call now or visit us today. We are eager to serve you!

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