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Aluminium Doors Installation In Baulkham Hills

Miriam Projects Pty Ltd. amasses the experience of over twenty years. With this experience, we have received a rich knowledge in the field of doors and windows. We have the finest aluminium doors in Baulkham Hills and a team of experts to install them. Besides aluminium doors, there are various kinds of doors and windows available at us and the prices are truly unparalleled.

Types of Doors we provide in Baulkham Hills.


Aluminium Doors

As aluminium doors are easily customisable and have much-required durability, these are often the most demanded doors. It is also light in weight and thus used in many construction projects. Some advantages of aluminium doors are:
  • Cost: Aluminium doors are very much under the budget. In comparison to other doors, they are easily affordable because of their ability to be recycled.
  • Durable:  Aluminium is a strong material and does not get weak with a drop in temperature. Aluminium doors are also naturally resistant to corrosion, thus proving their durability.
  • Customisation:  Colours and styles of aluminium doors can be easily customised. They can also be made more durable through treatment.

Sliding Doors

  After aluminium doors, glass sliding doors and windows are also a popular choice. We have installed many sliding doors over the years in the localities of Baulkham Hills and NSW. We receive a significant number of orders from both residential and commercial places alike. You can get these doors to fit in your shower, kitchen, or terrace. We will advise you regarding the glass door shutters based on the functionality of the doors.

French Doors

  Everything with a little French to it becomes attractive. Our collection of French doors will be a topping of beauty in your house in Baulkham Hills. Numerous varieties of French doors range from an uninterrupted glass of panes to the doors having crisscrossed diamond-shaped grids. Besides pleasing the eye, they are resistant to the wind like aluminium doors and allow an equal amount of light and air to pass through.

Security Doors

We all have valuables in our houses and wouldn’t like anyone to break into it for a robbery. Even with the regular locks on aluminium doors, you can never be safe enough and thus, more and more people in Baulkham Hills are opting for these high-tech security doors. Miriam Projects Pty Ltd. manufactures supreme quality security doors so you can always be at peace and not be concerned about any theft. Our doors are solid and crusted with aluminium mesh filled frames. There are double-locks and triple-locks in these doors for high security.

Bi-fold Doors

Uniquely styled bi-fold doors can increase your house’s value as it has everything you would look for. They are sound-protective, weatherproof and look beautiful as well in your fancy house in Baulkham Hills. Bi-fold doors can be an excellent choice for separating two close areas or your room and your garden. It also makes a remarkable wardrobe shutter. You will need to decide the directions these doors will fold if they stack inside or outside and how they split. You can get any of these doors for your house and we will not disappoint you. Contact us through our website or dial 0406 504 450 to get our free quote for your home in Baulkham Hills.

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