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We know how it is – accidents happen, and when they do, you want to ensure you are hiring a service that can tend to the job quickly and effectively. Our team performs Sliding Doors Sydney, Nsw for all kinds of properties, from commercial residences to domestic houses. We provide different services such as Aluminium Doors and windows, Doors installation in Moreebank, NSW. At Miriam Projects PTY LTD, we specialise in manufacturing and fitting glass and aluminium products, offering a large range of stylish, modern and high quality pieces at great prices. Whether you’re looking for doors or windows for your residential or commercial property, chat with one of of our experts today to find out more about our cost effective solutions. Read More
Aluminium Sliding Windows

Why Aluminium Windows?

Miriam Projects Pty Ltd is a Family run fabrication company specializing in the manufacturing of Aluminium windows and doors. Miriam Projects Pty Ltd has built a reputation for supplying quality products at affordable prices. As one of the leading window suppliers in NSW, we design, produce, and supply Sliding windows Sydney that can ensure continuous airflow in various angles. The windows are designed to make use of natural light efficiently and ensure energy conservation at a high level. We also design custom-made architectural windows based on the requirements of the customers. At Miriam, we specialize in a range of products, including double glazing windows and doors, butt-joined windows, arch windows, bi-fold doors, stacker doors French doors, double glazed windows, sliding doors in Sydney NSW.

Why Aluminium Sliding Doors?

Sliding doors are a modern and practical solution to opening up and maximizing room space. They allow easy access between the indoors and outdoors as well as maximising the viewable area. Our sliding doors come in a range of aluminium and glass styles. They can be made to match the colour theme in your home and can be customized to suit any opening. At Miriam Projects Pty Ltd we have a specialized and experienced team dedicated to Sliding door replacement in Sydney NSW.

Aluminium Windows


Slider windows for your home can be a great choice. It helps in saving space and letting in ample amount of light and ventilation throughout the home. Miriam Projects Pty Ltd offers top-class sliding windows which are known for their functionality and unobtrusive quality. Also, while installing the slider windows at your residence, we ensure that the interior space receives unobstructed views when compared with general windows and panes. Our installers are knowledgeable enough when it comes to installing sliding windows at your place. Their primary motto remains in providing an ambience that is rich in natural light and air. Clients will be able to call directly the owner to build an honest and trustworthy relationship through the conversation. Our team at Miriam Projects Pty Ltd is adept in making your project easier. We offer double warranty guarantee and complete peace of mind with additional security in contrast to your investment.

Aluminium Doors


Miriam Projects Pty Ltd has been providing custom aluminium products to a number of businesses and ensures the utmost aesthetic appeal. We have been in this business for over years and thus, come up with the best aluminium products and sliding windows for the commercial spaces. This has been made possible as we manufacture the items in our own workshop. We work with the belief that our customers require maximum importance in terms of window installations and other fitting works to boost appearance. We are committed to meet your needs by providing outstanding products. This is the reason, most of our business is based on repeat customers and referrals. We offer free consultation and suggestions to help you choose the best options for sliding window installations based on the requirements. Since our inception, we continued to maintain professionalism, yet in a personalised way. We would be glad to welcome the opportunity to work with you and earn trust with the best services.

Looking Out For Window Installations Services Near You?

Well, your search ends at Miriam Projects Pty Ltd. We are one of the best service providers in the country. We offer a flawless installation for windows. Our window installers are highly trained and have a great knowledge of the industry. They are committed to offering the best possible service for window installations. We sternly believe that windows will only perform seamlessly if their installation is done with precision. We make the window replacement an easy and effortless task. We make the best use of technology and industry expertise to ensure the window installation is completed without any flaws.

Why Is Miriam Projects Your Best Partner?

We at Miriam Projects Pty Ltd understand the importance of craftsmanship and the role it plays in delivering the best performance. Therefore, we use the right combustion of engineering principles and our experience while providing our professional installation service. We are aware of the fact that a skilled and well-trained team of window installers are an asset to the company. Thus, all our masters of window installation are highly trained and skilled. They have mastered the art of window installation and strive to provide the best possible service to our esteemed clients and patrons.

Windows are an integral part of any premises. The overall look and appearance of the area is affected by them. Therefore, minute negligence and carelessness while installing the windows may not only affect the functionality of light, visibility and temperature control but may also have a considerable effect on the aesthetic appearance of the area. Our window installers are highly professional. After completing the windows installation process our experts will also guide you with some tips that will help you retain their efficacy and maintain them with ease. They will walk you through a product demonstration and provide you tips for its operation as well as answer your queries if any.

Their several years of experience in providing professional window installations to several homes and commercial premises. Over this time, they have dealt with a plethora of windows of various sizes, shapes, and styles, so nothing will be unfamiliar to them. They make sure that your window installation process is concluded impeccably, and that you get the desired results. It’s no wonder we’re a favourite. Just search “window installation service provider near me” and you will find us on the top.

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We are specialised in the manufacturing of Aluminium and Glass windows. Aluminium is one of the easiest metals to procure and is available in abundance which makes the cost involved a little cheaper.  Aluminium is well suited for windows because it is durable and energy efficient. When you make aluminium sliding or folding doors for the balcony, you can effortlessly give the area the maximum amount of natural light in the minimum amount of space you have.

If you are someone that has already attended to other DIY projects around the home and know your screws and hardware, you are probably quite capable of looking after your own window installation. You need to have the proper tools on hands, including: a hammer, drill, tape measure, set square, tape measure, wooden packers and two buddies to help. You need to cut out the proper hole in the way and double check the frame will fit by measuring the width, length and opening again. Lift the frame into place with one friend that looks after one end, and another to ensure that it remains stable and doesn’t fall. Next make sure that the window is level, and properly fitted to the wall. Then you can go about screwing and permanently fixing the window on.

However, while this might sound simple it is a time-consuming task and can be frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing. It may also leave your property with a bit of damage. For a reliably durable window installation consider hiring professionals. Just search “Window Installation near me” and find us today, and you can enjoy not having to do the work yourself.

We supply aluminium and glass windows. We are specialised in manufacturing double glazed windows, butt-joined windows, and arch windows at affordable prices. We also provide unbeatable warranties on various windows. If you have any queries or want to know more about the warranties on our window products contact us and chat with one of our experts before you start the window installation.

The cost of window installation depends on various factors such as the material used in the manufactured window such as the type of glass used or frame material, as well as insulation, energy efficiency, style, cost of labour, etc. If you have any queries regarding how you can best utilise a “window installation service provider near me” contact us today!!

For door installation services hire a company that has professionally trained and certified workers, check the ratings and references of the company. Check for affordable yet quality services. Are they going to sign a formal agreement including the installation, materials, clean-up, disposal, labour feed, and taxation? Ask if the contractor provides a written warranty written. Know the experience and extent of knowledge your installers have. Ask whether they have included post-installation services in the contract or not.